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Welcome to Jini Planet! This page is my repository for links, tips, and information on Sun's JiniTM distributed computing platform. I've been doing Jini development since mid-1998 at Xerox PARC, and am the author of Core Jini, published by Prentice Hall. This page is an attempt at summarizing some lessons I've learned, as well as a place to collect bug fixes and errata for the book.

I hope you find this page useful. I'll be expanding it to include new stuff periodically, so check back often.

NEW! Jini Example by Example is now available! The book provides a more tutorial-style introduction to Jini than Core Jini, and has some great new code examples (a Jini file service, a chat application, and others). It was cowritten by Tom Rodden (professor of computer science and distributed systems at the University of Nottingham, UK), and me.

Click here to go to my page about the book, and for downloadable code. Or, just click to go to Amazon.com.

Let me know what you think!


NEW! Core Jini, Second Edition is now available! The book has been fully updated to reflect the final Jini 1.1 release, and has tons more code, new chapters on major features such as the ServiceDiscoveryManager and the new utility services, and way more. Click to go to the book's page on Amazon.com.

Sample chapters are available at the Java Developer's Connection.

Prentice-Hall helped me put together an interactive video course on Jini. Click here for more info.

TALKS! I recently gave an overview talk on Jini for Stanford University's Knowledge Systems Lab at their "Knowledge on the Web" seminar. The slides for that talk are here. I've also got some slides for a shorter talk that I've done at Tandem's opening of their SiliconValley.Library, and at Computer Literacy Books in San Jose. Those slides are here.

Click here for the transcript of an online chat I did at the Java Developer's Connection.

Currently, I've got the following pages at this site:

  • Core Jini Overview, Downloads, and Updates
      Check here for information on updates and errata for the book Core Jini.

  • NEW! Jini Example by Example Overview, Downloads, and Updates
      Check here for information on updates and errata for the book Jini Example by Example.

  • NEW! Updated for Jini 1.1.   The Service Writer's Toolkit
      This is an expanded version of the toolkit found in Core Jini, designed to make the job of creating Jini services more easy.

  • Troubleshooting Jini Applications
      Here are some of the most common problems--and solutions--that I've found turn up over and over again when building Jini clients and services.

  • How Codebase Works
      Misunderstandings of codebase are by far the most common problems with beginning Jini and RMI programmers. This page has a quick tutorial on how codebase works, and points out common pitfalls.

  • Developing for Deployment
      This page is on a common theme in the book--ways you can foolproof your development setup to keep prevent lurking problems that can show up later when you deploy your code. I follow these guidelines in my own Jini development and they've proven themselves to be invaluable.

  • Understanding Reggie
      Reggie is Sun's implementation of the Jini lookup service, and is quite a complicated program. This article talks about how reggie works, what the lifecycle of the program is, and how to customize it.

  • Book Recommendations
      I guess I'm fairly opinionated about technical books...which is probably why I wrote one. Here are a handful of Java and Jini books that I think are truly outstanding. (NEW!  Here are a number of non-Java books that are pretty great too.)

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