Understanding Reggie

This article covers some of the ins and outs of using Sun's sample implementation of the Jini lookup service, called reggie. Reggie is, quite simply, the single most important and most commonly used Jini service. So understanding how it works is crucial to a painless experience of using Jini. Unfortunately, reggie is also a pretty complicated beast. And reggie also uses a number of techniques that may be unfamiliar to many Java programmers (activation, remote code loading, security).

The material here may be helpful to you if you're trying to understand reggie, and particularly if you're having a problem with the service. The sections here cover:

The Reggie Lifecycle Reggie Command Line Arguments Understanding and Customizing the Reggie Log Location Troubleshooting Undocumented Reggie Tricks (Use at your own risk!) Go back to Jini Planet

Keith Edwards

Copyright 1999, W. Keith Edwards