Core Jini Video Course

    Prentice-Hall recently helped me put together an interactive video course on Jini. This course includes about 3 hours of video lectures that are based on material I developed for use at Xerox PARC and other places. There's also an interactive web site that has questions that let you test your knowledge of Jini.

    If slogging through a text (as good as it is! :-) isn't your style, or if you want a more thorough way to learn about Jini, you might appreciate the video course. The material is set up so that you (1) watch a lesson from the video, (2) read related sections of the book, and (3) test your knowledge with review questions on the web site. Then, you move on to the next topic and repeat the process.

    You can get the complete set--which includes the Core Jini book, two videos, some supplemental information, and pointers to the web site--through by clicking on the cover image above.

    There are a few short code fragments that appear in the video that aren't included in the book. By popular request, I have made these available here. Be aware that these are fragments only, not complete programs, so you shouldn't expect to be able to compile and run them. They're really just to help you follow more closely what's going on in the video.

    If you already have the book, you can order just the video set directly from Prentice-Hall:

        Cost is $80.99 (+ tax and shipping) for 2 videos and the web site
        Running time:  3 hours 5 minutes
        Core Jini:  The Complete Video Course
    Please let me know what you think!
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Keith Edwards

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