The Service Writer's Toolkit

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While the fundamental ideas behind Jini are pretty simple in theory, the practice of building reliable Jini services can often be a bit more complex. Jini service writers have to worry about administration, properly handling crash recovery, and so forth. To make the job worse, many common tasks (such as building lease landlord classes) aren't well documented by the standard Jini API references.

And, over and above these most basic requirements for services, developers also have to worry about issues that are outside the scope of the service code itself. For example, any Jini service will need to make available class bytecodes that can be downloaded by clients. Typically, however, this fundamental task happens completely externally to the program itself--most often, you have to start a separate web server to serve up any downloadable classes. This is a separate administrative task, and makes it difficult to create "all in one" services that are completely turnkey.

The Service Writer's Toolkit is a start at a library of code and interfaces designed to help developers create Jini services more easily. The toolkit available here has its origins in the code examples of the book Core Jini. The version here is significantly expanded and more functional, though. This page contains an overview of the toolkit, as well as links to downloadable code and browsable javadoc documentation.


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