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Uses of TaggedPersistentData in com.kedwards.swt

Methods in com.kedwards.swt with parameters of type TaggedPersistentData
 void UnicastServiceBackend.getCheckpointData(TaggedPersistentData data)
          Subclasses should override this to add any data they need to be checkpointed to the data object.
 void UnicastServiceBackend.setCheckpointData(TaggedPersistentData data)
          Subclasses should override this to retrieve any data that they need to set their state, after a restoration.
 void ServiceWrapper.getCheckpointData(TaggedPersistentData data)
          Called when the wrapper must checkpoint its state.
 void ServiceWrapper.setCheckpointData(TaggedPersistentData data)
          Called when the wrapper must recover its state from checkpointed data.

Uses of TaggedPersistentData in com.kedwards.swt.persist

Methods in com.kedwards.swt.persist that return TaggedPersistentData
 TaggedPersistentData Persistifier.restore()
          Read persistent data from stable storage and return it.
 TaggedPersistentData FSPersistifier.restore()

Methods in com.kedwards.swt.persist with parameters of type TaggedPersistentData
 void Persistifier.checkpoint(TaggedPersistentData data)
          Write the persistent data to stable storage.
 void FSPersistifier.checkpoint(TaggedPersistentData data)
 void Checkpointed.getCheckpointData(TaggedPersistentData data)
          This method is called whenever a checkpoint is in progress, to collect the data to be checkpointed from all checkpointable entities.
 void Checkpointed.setCheckpointData(TaggedPersistentData data)
          This method is called whenever a restore is in progress, to notify all the restorable entities of the recovered data.