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Packages that use Persistifier

Uses of Persistifier in com.kedwards.swt

Methods in com.kedwards.swt that return Persistifier
 Persistifier ServiceWrapper.getPersistifier()
          Returns the persistifier in use by the wrapper.

Constructors in com.kedwards.swt with parameters of type Persistifier
ServiceWrapper(ServiceBackend backend, Persistifier persistifier, ClassExporter exporter)
          This is the most general form of the constructor.

Uses of Persistifier in com.kedwards.swt.persist

Classes in com.kedwards.swt.persist that implement Persistifier
 class ActivationPersistifier
 The state of activatable services gets passed to them in a MarshalledObject; in the SWT, this MarshalledObject contains a which the service will use to write its state.
 class FSPersistifier