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Packages that use ServiceWrapper

Uses of ServiceWrapper in com.kedwards.swt

Methods in com.kedwards.swt that return ServiceWrapper
 ServiceWrapper UnicastServiceBackend.getServiceWrapper()
 ServiceWrapper ActivatableServiceBackend.getServiceWrapper()
          Return the wrapper used to host this service, if it has been set.
 ServiceWrapper ServiceBackend.getServiceWrapper()
          Gets the current service wrapper.

Methods in com.kedwards.swt with parameters of type ServiceWrapper
 void UnicastServiceBackend.setServiceWrapper(ServiceWrapper wrapper)
          Final because subclasses should do their initialization in preInitialize
 void ActivatableServiceBackend.setServiceWrapper(ServiceWrapper wrapper)
          Should only be called once to set the wrapper.
 void ServiceBackend.setServiceWrapper(ServiceWrapper wrapper)
          Sets the current service wrapper.

Uses of ServiceWrapper in com.kedwards.swt.admin

Fields in com.kedwards.swt.admin declared as ServiceWrapper
protected  ServiceWrapper BasicAdminImpl.serviceWrapper

Constructors in com.kedwards.swt.admin with parameters of type ServiceWrapper
BasicAdminImpl(ServiceWrapper serviceWrapper)