Project Ideas

A number of people have asked for suggestions for project ideas. I've put together this list of possible ideas, including projects that people have done in the past. Please don't consider yourself limited to just these ideas--you're welcome to come up with cool UI techniques on your own. This list is just meant to convey the scope and scale of what we're looking for. Also note that short descriptions like this merely convey the topic area of possible projects, they don't describe all of the details about what would be sufficient to get a good grade on the project. (In other words, for any of these it's possible to do a very bad version or a very good version--simply choosing a topic on this list is insufficient to guarantee any particular grade.)

In general, good project ideas will represent a solid chunk of implementation work (at least equivalent to three homework assignments, so think at about this scale).

It'll hopefully represent a novel interaction technique, or at least a novel application of an existing interaction technique. For example, just reimplementing Pie Menus is not very novel, since it's been done tons of time. Beyond that, Pie Menus are probably of insufficient complexity to make a good project (they're probably less than one homework's worth of effort). So, you do a pie menu project at your own peril! :-)

Here are some projects that have been done in the past, as well as potential project ideas from past TAs and myself. Please note that the project requirements may have changed somewhat from previous years. For example, not all of the projects below may have the "use one topic from the second half of class" requirement.